Welcome to Guidance From Gratitude

Guidance from Gratitude was started by Robbi Kearns to build a community for people looking to explore spirituality and personal growth.

By working with Spirit Partners (which can include Archangels, Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters, and God), Robbi can help you connect and build profound relationships with your celestial Spirit Partners by connecting through Gratitude.

Through coaching sessions and workshops, you can learn the tools to connect with your Spirit Partners to enhance your life and move towards being your authentic self and realize your life’s true purpose and potential.

Tools for Transformations Programs

Have you been searching for a trusted Community where you feel supported while exploring Spirituality?

If so, I hope you will look into our Tools for Transformations programs!

Message of the Day
Have you ever read our “Card of the Day” and said “This Message Was Just For ME!” or “Just What They Needed To Hear!“.
If so, take the next step in your spiritual journey with Guidance From Gratitude’s
“Message of the Day” Membership to gain deeper insights and valuable guidance to help you on your Spiritual Journey! Receive a daily email with an expanded message or guidance for the day and a Monthly Forecast Reading!
Spiritual Study Group
Through the Focus of the Month, the Spiritual Study Group is here to support you navigate the Spiritual Journey you are on!

Each month we have two Group Gatherings to discuss topics in spirituality and personal growth as well as share your experiences as you go through this journey.

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Coaching Program

Are you ready for 1:1 Coaching Sessions and becoming a part of an intimate community of individuals that are committed to transforming their lives and supporting each other through the process? If so the Coaching Program may be just what you are looking for! With all of the Benefits of the Spiritual Study Group, you will also meet with Robbi once a month for a Private Session.

Learn more or sign up for the programs at https://www.robbikearns.com

Angel Sessions

Robbi offers a variety of private sessions, all starting from a place of Gratitude and working with Spirit Partners to share the messages and insights needed for his clients at that time. Click below to learn about the different sessions offered:

If you have any questions about the readings please reach out! Please note: all readings are with Robbi Kearns of Guidance from Gratitude and held via Zoom!

Upcoming Events & Workshops

September 19:
Ho’Oponopono: A Method of Ultimate Freedom

Join us on September 19th as Don Reed Simmon leads a 2 hour workshop with a handout and 2 separate Journeys and a “break out” session for you to learn how to facilitate a simple Ho’Oponopono session!!

Ho’Oponopono is one of the strongest meditations there is for releasing the negativity and anger we hold on to and moving forward in life.

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Card of the Day

Each day I will post a card on Facebook and Instagram to share a message of support to the Guidance from Gratitude Community! You can support the Card of the Day through donations or sharing the posts with your friends to help the community grow!

From the “Be Your Own Oracle Deck

Disclaimer: New York State requires that all legal psychic readings be defined as “for entertainment only.” Each individual is responsible for the choices they make and the future they build for themselves. Services offered should not in any way be considered to replace legal, financial, or medical advice, and you should always seek that advice from qualified professionals.