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Guidance from Gratitude was started by Robbi Kearns to build a community of people looking to explore spirituality and personal growth.

By working with his Guides and Angels, Robbi can help you connect and build profound relationships with your celestial Spirit Partners or share intuitive guidance and energetic healing. By embodying gratitude, you can partner with your Guides and Angels to create a life filled with peace, comfort, security, clarity and joy!

Certified Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Reader by Denise Linn.

Through intimate, personal readings and targeted workshops, you can learn the tools that you need to connect with Archangels, Guardian Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides and even The Highest Power, God, to enhance your life, to become your authentic self and realize your life’s true purpose and potential.

Certified Angel Guide by Kyle Gray
Certified Angel Guide by Kyle Gray

Announcing Tools for Transformations

Are you Ready to Begin the Journey to Transform Your Life?

An amazing, spiritual journey to meet your Guardian Angels and Spirit Partners to help you remove roadblocks, embrace your life purpose, and move forward with ease and grace?

With two levels of memberships, each month we will work together in workshops, group sessions, support each other in a private Facebook page, or through private monthly coaching sessions.

Today is the day that you can begin this
life-altering journey!

Do You Want To Know Your 2022 Forecast?

I am excited to offer a special 2022 Forecast Reading! Using two oracle and tarot decks & intuitive messages from our Spirit Partners, we will delve into the “What” and “How” of each month of 2022 by pulling and analyzing two cards for each month!

This is a rare time that I will use a Formal Spread in a Reading – but I recently worked with this spread and loved the messages I received for myself and felt called to expand it to clients!

We will close the session with an angelic energetic harmonizer to start the year off balanced and in harmony!

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Card of the Day

Each day I will post a card on Facebook and Instagram to share a message of support to the Guidance from Gratitude Community! You can support the Card of the Day through donations or sharing the posts with your friends to help the community grow!

Disclaimer: New York State requires that all legal psychic readings be defined as “for entertainment only.” Each individual is responsible for the choices they make and the future they build for themselves. Services offered should not in any way be considered to replace legal, financial, or medical advice, and you should always seek that advice from qualified professionals.