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Archangel of the Week – Chamuel Card of the Day – 10 of Water

This week’s Archangel is Chamuel – the Eyes of God. I love working with Chamuel as he gives us the ability to see situations in a new way so we can accomplish our goals/dreams/life purpose & get out of our own way by breaking down any “protective walls” we have around us and help us to return to love! It’s not a coincidence that he is on the Transformation card – because sometimes in order to move forward we need to make changes in ourselves – break down those walls – before we are ready to move to the next stage.

Chamuel can help you find lost items – so things like car keys, wallet, but also things that we feel we have lost along the journey of life. If you feel someone has wronged you in the past, he can help you look at the situation differently so you can let go of what you need to in order to bring in healing and change.

Card of the Day – 10 of WaterThis card indicates a celebration and emotional contentment with people you love and trust.

Or – with the Transformation card for the week card – you at least know that through the support of God, angels and universe you will be able to get to a place of joy and contentment if you put in some work!
You’ve felt glimpses of that as you have been doing the work and letting go of the things that do not bring you joy or fuel you forward in your growth. The archangel associated with this card is Jophiel – the Beauty of God – and she ushers in joy and happiness into our life.

So as you go through this week, I would encourage you to see where in your life you need to continue to make changes so you can free up some of the old beliefs that are still taking up space in your mind – because releasing those are going to give you capacity to start to bring in joy and happiness!

Have a great week everyone!

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