Archangel of the Week Card of the Day

Archangel of the Week – Gabriel Card of the Day – Nine of Fire

This week’s Archangel is Gabriel, who is the Messenger of God. She helps us take action through communication, creativity and motivation to accomplish our dreams. She helps us express ourselves and aids us to stand in our truth and to share it with the world.

The Card of the Day is the Nine of Fire. We had this card recently – Archangel Ariel is helping to shield you from things that you have created that you feel are being taken away from you. Ask Ariel for help if you feel you need some extra help to stand in your strength at this time.

Radleigh (the creator of this deck) actually shared this card yesterday with some new insight he had (see – even the creator of the deck can learn something new – pretty cool!). He said that he felt like the things that we are fighting off could be worry, fear or negative thoughts or feelings about ourselves and we need to protect ourselves from our own thoughts.

If this is you – this card is telling you that the only person you are hurting is yourself and to find a way to release the negative thoughts and feelings. When we are living in a place of fear and anxiety there is no way that we can be our best.

I try to deal with negative thoughts is to not dismiss or ignore the thought – but let it come in and thank it for coming in so I can learn what triggered it to flair up at that moment. After sitting with it I thank it for the lesson and tell it I no longer need that thought and it has no power over me – sweeping it away! By facing the fear and looking at why it came up at that time instead of dismissing it, you are taking away the power from it!

This week I challenge you to really stand in your truth. Work to take the power away from the negative thoughts and feelings you have about yourself so you can have more capacity in your life and move forward towards your dreams and bring in the prosperity and abundance that you deserve!

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