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Card of the Day – Joy

I felt the draw to pull a card from Angela Hartfield’s Ganesha cards this morning and I am glad I did!

As you may know if you have had a reading with me or seen a post where I talk about it, I begin every reading and practice with thinking of something I am grateful for. When reading the description of this card it starts by saying “Joy happens when the heart and the soul unite. This union is to achieve expansion for a greater good related to your divine path. Joy can create in you a sense of contentment, acceptance and serenity. Even when your life is in flux, you feel a deep knowing that whatever might happen will be for the highest good for all involved….Even through difficult circumstances such as those that you may currently be undergoing, you will ultimately find your happiness.”

This resonates with me so much as I always want to provide the highest good for my clients when sharing with them whatever I am suppose to through a reading. I never know what that will be, who is going to be on the other side of the screen when I click “Start Meeting” on Zoom, or what they will want to discuss. That is the magic of starting from a place of gratitude and uniting in an energetic place of joy – because from that place we can approach the reading for the highest good of the client.

I hope that today you can find a way to bring Joy into your life. I always say it doesn’t have to be a huge life event – it could be as simple as a flower that you see, that cup of coffee that wakes you up (I am thankful for that every morning when I wake up between 4-5am!), or a person that you share a passing smile with as you go through your day. Whatever it is, hold on and let that feeling propel you through your day. If you can start to integrate Joy and Gratitude into your daily practice, the tedious, mundane tasks that we all have to do will be much easier, and you will have a little more spring in your step because you are slowing changing what you are focusing on and giving your energy to.

Have a great day everyone!

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