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Card of the Day – Page of Air

The Page of Air is the messenger of information (it could be constructive criticism, unsolicited advice on a new approach to something, or even legal documents) that we need, but could be challenging for us to hear/receive. The challenge around the message could be in the way that the message is delivered because Pages are young energy so they have not completed their Miss Manners classes! They come right in and just lay the truth out on the table, leaving you there to deal with it!

Because the information that they bring is so useful (and the fact that the Page leave as soon as they drop their truth bomb), we forgive them for their lack of tact!

So if you receive some info in a less than ceremonious way, try to move past how it was delivered and know that you were supposed to get the message so you could learn from it and move forward with that new insight and perspective.

If you are looking to sign a contract or legal documents, make sure you review it very carefully before signing! With Mercury being in Retrograde this makes total sense!

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