Queen of Earth
Card of the Day

Card of the Day – Queen of Earth

The Queen of Earth is dichotomy. She loves to look her best and spend money on clothes and beautiful things but is also very grounded and good at manifesting or making money. She is generous, graceful, and practical yet can be materialistic as she goes through her day.

See how these traits can conflict a bit?

The beauty of this card is that she is able to go through her day with grace, creating a beautiful, inviting environment for others to enjoy, while also being practical and sensible and getting the things she needs to support her less frugal side!

As you go through your day, see where you may need to find this balance. Have you closed others out, taking a very practical yet closed approach to others? Where might you relax that strictness to bring a little beauty and enjoyment to yourself and others?

Take some time today to enjoy the beauty all around you. By recognizing and being grateful for that beauty, you will gain rewards you have been missing that are around you every day!

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