Six of Earth
Card of the Day

Card of the Day – Six of Earth

The Six of Earth is a reminder to share your good fortune or gifts (it doesn’t have to be money – it could be time volunteering) with others. We all have something to offer other people, even if we feel that we don’t. Here is a woman in a wheelchair (with gold coins as wheels) sharing her abundance with others! Some people may wonder what she has to offer, but she is seen giving to others.

Every one of us has a gift that we can share – and by sharing your gift or abundance, the kindness and care you give to others will be returned.

This card does have a slight precaution to it – before you start handing out money or volunteering, do some research and make sure that it aligns with your beliefs or goals. Also – make sure that you are not just giving giving giving! You have to keep balance in your life!!

So as you go through your day, think about how you might be able to be of service to others and show kindness!

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