The Hermit
Card of the Day

Card of the Day – The Hermit

Card of the Day – The Hermit

Most people think of the Hermit as a cranky old person who wants to be alone. When I see the Hermit I see it as someone that is on a spiritual journey and is taking a little quiet time to reflect on the things that they have learned along the way and possibly sharing this knowledge along the way!

The card shows Archangel Raziel (which means “the Secrets of God”) shining his light, sharing what he knows by shining his light along the way. Raziel is known as the magician, like Merlin, of the Archangels and can help you understand and decipher esoteric information like dreams and past life memories, as well as turn creative ideas into reality.

We are all busy, even in quarantine, but as you go through your day take moments to stop to think about what you have learned over the past year and how you have grown. It is easy to focus on what we have lost, but try to think of the positive aspects from being forced to stop, slow down, and reflect. What was a blessing that came out of the past year that would have never happened had we not had a pandemic?

Hope you have a great day!

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