The Moon
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Card of the Day – The Moon (4/3/21)

You know that small voice that pops up in your head, messages that come to you through your dreams, or those signs you see as you go through your day? That is your intuition at work – and it is time to listen to you intuition to help you see the truth in a situation.

The Moon card (from Radleigh Valentine‘s Angel Wisdom Tarot) can also be interpreted as the need to release fears and worry about a situation and instead, connect to your intuition to help guide you towards resolving it.

The Archangel on this card is Haniel. She is called “The Grace of God” and is connected to Intuition, releasing fear, and being able to see truth in any situation.

So today, continue the work from yesterday with the Page of Water and take time to slow down to see how messages or signs may be delivered to you deepening your intuition. It could be a thought that pops into your head, a dream you had last night, a voice you hear, a sign that you see as you go through your day. Everyone receives messages in a different way, so through this process of being aware of your intuition start to become conscious of how it works for you!

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