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Card of the Day

Card of the Day – The Wheel

The Wheel indicates that things are about to get busy – where you have been stuck is about to move forward. A positive change will come into your life if you choose to let it!

This card also can indicate travel – and we all know that being “stuck at home” the past year we are all probably itching to get out and about! This could be the sign you need to book that trip that you had to delay because of the shutdowns. Or the trip you have been dreaming of since you have been stuck at home.

Archangel Gabriel is all about communication, motivation and creativity, so if you have been feeling stuck or in a rut, call in Gabriel’s energy to help you feel recharged in order to have a fresh start on a project. Notice I said “call in”. Our guides and angels can not help us if we do not ask them for help! They are right there with you, but you have to trust that they are there and open to their guidance and support! Until you do that they will be sidelined.

I do love that this came up during Mercury Retrograde – hopefully taking away some of its effects! Have a great Saturday everyone! I am looking forward to the Energy 101 Workshop tonight! If you are curious, there are still a few spots open! Info and Tickets at

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