Card of the Day

Card of the Day – Transformation

Today’s card is about releasing old beliefs or ways of doing things. Changes have or are happening in your life and the old way of doing things no longer works for you.

Tarot doesn’t have to be scary and Radleigh has updated this card to reflect that. In traditional tarot decks this is the Tower card, showing the towers crumbling down, but card doesn’t have to be terrifying – it can also just be a roof job or face lift! 😉

Archangel Chamuel – the Eyes of God – is associated with this card and he can help you not only find things that you feel you have lost along your journey through life, but can also help you see things differently and act on them with the new insight you have.Where in your life do you feel you need “transformation”? What might you be procrastinating about that you know you need to bring in change to make yourself happier? Don’t beat yourself up for not acting on this sooner – remember that every breath is a new opportunity to start something new.

Have a great day everyone! And if you are interested in booking a reading to explore some of these transformations, there are a few appointments left next week then I am taking a little break until the beginning of July! You can schedule appts at

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