Grounded Through Gratitude Energy Work

Robbi has been training in energy modalities for around ten years, integrating different practices into a practice he is calling “Grounded Through Gratitude”. By connecting with our Spirit Partners and Universal Energy through the power of Gratitude, we will bring in renewed energy and harmony to areas of your life where you feel stuck or our of balanced.

We will begin the session by discussing your desired outcome then move into this transformative energy work to bring in deep, integrated clearing and healing.

This is deep energetic work that will bring in changes including:

  • Clear Lower Level Vibrations
  • Reconnect and Nurture Your Inner Child
  • Sever Draining Energetic Connections
  • Strengthen Your Core/Chakras
  • Feel A Deeper Sense of Inner Peace and Safety
  • Bring Balance & Harmony Within Ourselves & Our Relationships

Sessions are $150 for 45 minutes. For deeper clearing work, like Inner Child or Soul Core Work, I would recommend several purchasing a package of four sessions (discounted from $600 to $500). Sessions purchased as a package are redeemable for 4 months.

For this session I want you to make sure you are in a comfortable space where you will not be interrupted. You may feel more comfortable laying down, so after we have our initial conversation we can turn off our cameras and you can lay down for the energy work portion of the session. You will want to have a blanket, eye mask, or pillow handy if you are laying down!

Guidance From Gratitude Referral Program
As a Thank You to those that have had Private Readings with me, I have started the Guidance From Gratitude’s Referral Program! If you refer someone that schedules a 30 or 45 minute reading/session, you will receive 20% off your next reading. Your friend simply enters your name and email address when registering for their appointment and I will send you a coupon for your discount! Discount applies to Guidance From Gratitude 30 and 45 minute private sessions only.

Disclaimer: New York State requires that all legal psychic readings be defined as “for entertainment only.” Each individual is responsible for the choices they make and the future they build for themselves. Services offered should not in any way be considered to replace legal, financial, or medical advice, and you should always seek that advice from qualified professionals.

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