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January 18: Create Your Angel Teams (with Nicole Schoen & Robbi)

Nicole and Robbi will share insights on how to create your own unique angel teams! We have had so many conversations about how you can work with different Archangels to create Angel Teams that we wanted to open up the conversations we have about our personal journey and bring you into the conversation! This will help you begin to work with the Archangels on specific areas of your life including health, personal growth, forgiveness and abundance.

In this workshop you will not only learn about how to create your own Angel Teams, but Robbi and Nicole will each pull cards for you to begin to build your Angel Teams based on what you need support with at the moment!

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We know that it might be difficult to attend a workshop “Live”, so if you were not able to attend a workshop but wanted to learn about a topic, we are offering On-Demand Video Recordings of certain workshops through Vimeo!
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