Chip Chats

Chip Chats

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April 3 & 21, 2022, 8pm Eastern

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From Chip’s Living Room to Yours…this VIP Gallery Reading Experience guarantees you to have a brief reading with Chip Coffey in an intimate group setting of only 10 people.

We will start the event chatting with Chip and then move quickly to opening up for each individual to have a brief personal reading. During the individual reading, participant can ask one psychic question or speak with one person that has passed. (Please note: This is an abbreviated reading of what you would have in a private session and is usually 6-8 minutes per person.)

The cost if $175 for the event and will take place through a secure Zoom video chat. You must have access to a computer or tablet with video and the ability to use the Zoom application to participate (download and registration to use Zoom is free). Please do not use a handheld device as the movement is too distracting!


You are purchasing one ticket for one individual to attend the Zoom call (no one else should be in your room). If you want to attend with a friend or family member you can purchase additional tickets for them to attend. You can sit in the room together, but each person in the room must purchase a separate ticket.

If you are hoping to connect with Spirit (having Chip speak with someone that has passed away) we ask that you wait at least six (6) months after the person passed away before you try to connect with them as Chip is not usually able to connect with those souls as they are in a transition period. You can participate and ask to speak with someone else or ask a psychic question, but we do not want you disappointed if he is unable to reach out to a person that has recently passed. Thank you for your understanding.

There are only 10 participants total on each “Chip Chat”. You will be let into the Zoom Call by using the name you enter in the next steps of the registration form. We trust that you will not share the link to the Zoom Event or have others to sit in the room with you during the event.

By purchasing a ticket you acknowledge that the brief introduction/general question and answer period will be recorded and may be used on YouTube and Social Media. Personal questions asked during the individual psychic/medium personal readings will NOT be used.

When registering, please double check your email as we have had a number of people enter the incorrect email address on the form and not receive the information to join the Chip Chat!

**All events are at 8pm Eastern Time Zone**

Calendar of Upcoming Chip Chats is below! All available date will show on the Calendar, so if there are not any showing it means they have sold out. Please note that Chip Chats are held at 8pm Eastern Time Zone, so take this into consideration if you are in another time zone!