Private Group Chip Chats

Chip Chats

You have expressed interest in booking a private event with Psychic/Medium Chip Coffey for up to ten (10) people total to attend a private Chip Chat! Below is the information that we want to make sure you read and understand prior to registering for the event!

This will be a private two hour event with Chip Coffey that you will organize on behalf of your friends! The evening will be split into two portions. The first half will be a general Q&A where you can spend time getting to know Chip and ask him questions about the tv shows he has been on, what it is like to be psychic, or pretty much whatever you want to! We will take a break, and then return for the reading portion of the event where each attendee will ask Chip either one psychic or medium question.

The event will be held via Zoom and video is required to participate in the event. Please make sure that your guests have computers, laptops, or tablets (we prefer you not use a phone) and they are not being held by hand during the event! We also ask that you sit in a well lit spot so Chip can see your face.

We ask that only two attendees are in the same room together and that you find a quiet, well lit, comfy spot to sit (please do not lay down in bed) for the duration of the event. There will be a break between the general Q&A and the readings.

Before the event please determine if you want to ask Chip a psychic questions (about career, family, love, etc) or a medium question (having Chip connect to one person who has passed). If you want speak with someone who has past, please select the ONE person you most, in your heart of heart, would like to speak with. If you do not or come in saying there are so many people, you will not get the focused reading that you are hoping to get!

Reminder that you have agreed to not ask Chip to contact someone that has passed in less than six months before the date of the event. He is not usually able to connect with those souls as they are in a transition period. Thank you for your understanding.

At least 48 hours prior to the event you need to email the final list of attendees (names and email addresses) to Robbi at which he will use to allow entry into the Zoom. This should be no more than 10 people total.

Thank you – and if you have any questions please reach out!!

**All events are at 8pm Eastern Time Zone**

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