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Card of the Day – Two of Earth (3/31/21)

Card of the Day – Two of Earth

The Two of Earth shows a young man walking a tight rope on a boat that is sailing in rough waters. He is juggling too many things, time, money. Whew – it makes me anxious and tired just looking at it.

It is telling you is that you are “juggling too much” so take a moment to pause and reflect on what you really need to accomplish, not what you THINK you need to accomplish. You can not do everything at once.I joke with my bestie about “Chico the Chihuahua” syndrome – not being able to stop because we are wound up so tightly that we are just running around chasing our tails, which isn’t very productive.

See the infinity symbol on his shirt? I referenced an exercise last week for when you get overwhelmed with thoughts to take a moment to stop, take deep breaths and visualize the energy moving in an infinity symbol between your head and heart. This will help you to balance out the energy and help you FEEL how to proceed instead of just THINKING (or obsessing) about how to proceed. While doing this exercise think of something you are grateful for. Working from a place of gratitude gives a different perspective and help you realize what is really important and needs to be handled at this time, helping you navigate the tightrope and rough waters easier.

Archangel Zadkiel (the “Righteousness of God”) and the Balance card are associated with the 2 of Earth. I work with AA Zadkiel to bring Balance into situations or to work on forgiving myself for past situations or mistakes (yeah, we sure do like to hold on to stuff don’t we?).

So today if you are feeling overwhelmed I encourage you to take a moment to stop and take a few deep breathes while visualizing the infinity symbol circulating the chihuahua energy that maybe barking in your head to your heart, think of something you are grateful for. When you feel a little more settled you may more insight into what you really need to focus on and be able to start back with a renewed energy and perspective.

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