Archangel 101 Workshop (On-Demand)


Join Robbi Kearns of Guidance from Gratitude as he introduces you to the 15 main Archangels. Along with Psychic/Medium Chip Coffey, Lisa Espinosa, and Nicole Schoen, Robbi discusses each Archangel and shared details about what each Archangel works with us on.

You will gain insights into the Archangels through different lenses including Astrology, Crystals and Tarot. Lisa Espinosa ends the workshop with a Guided Meditation that you can revisit as you learn to explore your personal connection to the Archangels!

Once you have purchased the Workshop you will receive an email with the link to the on-demand workshop that includes a link to download the Guidebook. If you have any issues please email and we will share the information with you directly.


Please note: If you have previously purchased the Archangel 101 workshop and can not access the video please email for the updated link!