Readings & Coaching Sessions

Robbi offers 30 and 45 minute Readings & Coaching Sessions to give guidance from your Celestial Spirit Partners.

Sharing messages through intuition, tarot and oracle cards, Robbi will help bring clarity to situations so you can move into a life filled with peace, comfort, security, clarity and joy! Through your session you can learn tools & gain insights to transform your life, become your authentic self, and realize your life’s true purpose that will serve the highest good of yourself and for others!

Our time together will be very conversational and may include tarot/oracle cards, intuitive readings, energy work* to:

  • Gain insight into a Situation
  • Develop Deeper Connections with your Spirit Partners
  • Begin Removing Fear, Doubt, and Limiting Thoughts from your Life
  • Move through Life through the lens of Gratitude
  • Integrate Grounding Techniques to bring in Balance

Each session begins with a Gratitude Exercise. This allows us to connect deeper with our Angels and Guides, as well as bridge an energetic connection between us for the session.

*Please note: If you are seeking energy work during your session please schedule a Grounded Through Gratitude Energy Session!

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Guidance From Gratitude Referral Program
As a Thank You to those that have had Private Readings with me, I have started the Guidance From Gratitude’s Referral Program! If you refer someone that schedules a 30 or 45 minute reading/session, you will receive 20% off your next reading. Your friend simply enters your name and email address when registering for their appointment and I will send you a coupon for your discount! Discount applies to Guidance From Gratitude 30 and 45 minute private sessions only.

Disclaimer: New York State requires that all legal psychic readings be defined as “for entertainment only.” Each individual is responsible for the choices they make and the future they build for themselves. Services offered should not in any way be considered to replace legal, financial, or medical advice, and you should always seek that advice from qualified professionals.

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