Referrals & Resources

As you navigate your spiritual journey it is sometimes difficult to know where to look for resources and practitioners that you can trust! I wanted to share people and resources that I have learned from in the past! I will keep adding to these, but wanted to share a few to get started!


Chip Coffey
Chip is a world renown psychic and medium that has been seen on many shows including Psychic Kids, Paranormal State and currently Kindred Spirit. Chip Coffey is a clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient psychic, as well as a fully-conscious medium meaning he can talk to the dead. I have produced events with Chip for over 10 years and have experienced the healing he has shared with so many people through his gift. Follow Chip on Facebook and visit his website to schedule a reading! You won’t be disappointed!

Don Simmons
I have known Don for twenty years, first through having readings and most recently through his Trusted Tribe, which is a group that is on a shamanic journey of spiritual growth together. Don leads meditations (his One Minute Meditation is a go to for me and has over 2 million listens on the Calm App), is a Tarot Master and teaches a variety of workshops! He is a powerful Sound Healer and Psychic, and is my Go To Recommendation for PAST LIFE REGRESSIONS! So much so that I gave my husband a past life regression with Don which he tells me has been one of the best presents I’ve ever given him!

Workshops and Resources

Radleigh Valentine
Radleigh is one of my favorite “personalities” in the metaphysical world! His infectious laugh and joy that oozes through the screen makes him one of my favorite teachers! He has a deep connection with the Archangels and has published many books and Tarot decks through Hay House! Watching his Hall of Archangelsvideo series changed my life. I would encourage you to explore his website and social media channels for many free resources including his Weekly Energetic Reports and Angel Walks that he streams on Facebook several days a week!

Kyle Gray
Kyle is another bright light in the metaphysical world! He also publishes his books and oracle decks through Hay House and a huge social media presence. He is an “Angel Guy” and I have learned so much about angels, energy and oracle cards through his workshops. Check out his website and Facebook page as it has a wealth of free resources to explore and he is always offering some kind of awesome live group Zoom!

Denise Linn
I have only recently discovered Denise’s work through her Sacred Destiny Oracle Deck. A friend pulled cards from the deck for me one night and I saw like “Oooooh – I need that!” I saw a three session free workshop about Becoming a Modern Day Oracle and it resonated with me so much that I signed up for Denise’s year long Soul Coaching Oracle Guide course! I am so excited to go on this journey and know that there are many resources on her site and social channels that you can benefit from!