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Archangel of the Week – Raziel

This week I’m trying something a little differently. I pulled an Archangel and a Card of the Day. Gotta keep things interesting around here right?! Let me know what you think in the comments! Do you like the combined AA of the Week and Card of the Day? Do you want separate posts, or should I pull a Major Arcana card with an Archangel like I did last week???? So many choices!

Archangel of the Week – Raziel
This week’s Archangel is Raziel – he is the “Merlin”/Magician of the angelic realm, so it’s time to believe that Magic is alive in your life and with this magic you can really bring your personal and spiritual dreams to life.

Raziel can help us turn dreams into reality by imparting divine wisdom to us when we need it most. He helps to bring understanding or knowledge to things we can not wrap our heads around and can also help us move past spiritual or intuitive blocks. He wants you to shine your unique light, and it could even be that you are suppose to become a mentor or sharing with others how you were able to move past blocks or struggles you may have had with your life.

Card of the Day – Eight of Earth
Which leads me to the Card of the Day for Sunday! We have the Eight of Earth again – which is all about learning more in your field of choice – taking classes or workshops to deepen your knowledge on your craft. You are already well skilled, but it could be getting a little routine. It could also be finding a mentor!

I know for myself I have a few videos in my cue that I am looking forward to watch today – so I will definitely heed the call to make time to do that today!To everyone that has or helped to raise a child – I hope you have a magical Mother’s Day!!!

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