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Archangel of the Week

Archangel of the Week – Ariel

Archangel of the Week

Archangel Ariel shows up in the Strength card in Radleigh Valentine’s Angel Wisdom Tarot and on her own card in Kyle Gray’s Angel Prayers deck. I wanted to show both as they are different interpretations to how people see AA Ariel as these two could not be more different, but I can relate to both!Either way, she is pretty fierce and is known as the “Lioness of God” and “Peaceful Warrior”.

She is the AA of nature and animals, strength (duh – the card name) as well personal power. She encourages you to really have the confidence and strength to share your message/have your voice heard in a very supported way. Along the same lines, it could be that you are being supported in a new beginning (if speaking out and standing your ground is new to you – that is a new beginning!).

Ariel is known to have gold coins that she hands out to help people manifest abundance. You can take the coins, possibly projects or things you want to manifest, “plant” them and watch them grow. While you go through your week, think about areas of your life where you need support, encouragement or strength to make changes you want to see in your life. Try to have the courage to be that Peaceful Warrior and advocate for Yourself – something that is very difficult for many of us to do. Know you are being supported in these changes and see what changes are manifesting in your life. I hope you all have a great week ahead!

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