Two of Air
Card of the Day

Card of the Day – 2 of Air

Today’s card is from Radleigh Valentine’s Angel Wisdom Tarot. It shows a person that is not able or willing to make a decision – their sight is partially blocked by this ornate headdress and beading covering their eyes. The main message I get from this card that it is time to stop trying to make others happy and follow your heart. We have been seeing a lot of cards about living in your trust and shining light on situations to see them clearly.

I find it interesting that his card is associated with Archangel Haniel, who is associated with the Moon – since we had AA Uriel – The Sun – for the AA of the Week!

Take time this week to sit in a still, quiet place and try to use your intuition (possibly while sitting under the moonlight) to see what feelings and emotions come up around a situation where you feel a struggle. If you are having to make a difficult decision, choose what will make YOU happy, not what others may want or expect you to.

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