Mother-Father God
Card of the Day

Card of the Day – Mother-Father God

Today’s card is a reminder that we are always surrounded by the love of the universe/creator/God/Angels – however YOU identify it!

You are being reminded that you are loved beyond measure, and it is time to step out of any feelings that you are not worthy of this love and begin seeing yourself in the same way that the Angels see you – as a being of pure love – and that you are deserving of love! This power is already within you, you just need to remember that and reconnect to it.

One way I do this is to stop throughout my day, take a few deep breaths and think of something I am truly GRATEFUL for. It could be my family, my home, a flower I saw, a conversation I had with a friend, a really good dessert I ate 10 years ago! Whatever it is, really embrace that feeling of appreciation that you had for that moment – and move forward with your day from that place of gratitude and love.

This raises the positive energy in and around you and by raising those higher vibrations, which resonates with the universal/angelic energy. This is a great starting place to try to connect with your guides, angels, God, energy (again – whatever you call this).

Do this for a few days and see what shifts you may have in relationships or interactions as you go through your day. If you are moving through and interacting with others from a place gratitude and love I guarantee you that you will see shifts start to happen!

I would love for you to share any shifts that you feel that happen from refocusing your lens to gratitude! Have a great weekend!!

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