Wise Counselor
Card of the Day

Card of the Day – Wise Counselor

Today’s card indicates you are seeking deeper meaning to life, one that is more spiritually connected, and there could be two paths to get there.

One is the traditional route, but not by just taking a rules you usually follow at face value – but looking at the deeper meaning of why that rule might have been set and work for you.
The other path is finding a like-minded people or community to start or expand your spiritual journey so you can make the changes you are seeking.

The way to know which path by listening to your intuition, your inner voice, to know how to proceed! Either path will move your forward as long as you proceed with integrity and doing it for the right reason!

The Archangel associated with this card is Sandalphon. He delivers our prayers and needs to Heaven and brings back clear messages in a way that we can see and know the meaning, very similar to a “wise counselor”! I like to think of him as a Mailman – he takes your prayer, makes sure it is safely delivered, and then returns with the response you need from God, source, energy – whatever you personally call it.

So today if you are questioning something in your life I challenge you to look at the deeper meaning behind it. Sit quietly and think of what the best path forward might be. It might be in a way that you are use to doing, but try to look at the reasons behind that instead of going on autopilot. You may learn something new about the situation or yourself in the process!

For me the card confirms that I need to continue to build this community and find ways to have deeper connections to people that are interested in beginning or continuing their spiritual journey. In no way am I a Guru, but I do feel I have a lot to share, but also learn from the people I am meeting through this community!

Stay tuned and I will let you know what Sandalphon delivers back to me on how to proceed in building deeper connections with you! 😉

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