Queen of Air
Card of the Day

Card of the Day – Queen of Air

Well, we have another Queen with us today! She is very intellectual, yet has a great sense of humor. She doesn’t put up with much and can be judgmental. If you ask for her advice and do not follow it, you will definitely hear “I told you so”!

She would rather be alone than deal with the drama of others and has a close circle of friends that she trusts deeply. Because of that, she will also hold them accountable for their actions.

She has learned from her life experiences, both good and bad, and is able to take inventory of what she does and doesn’t need in her life and release those things that no longer serve her.
She sees the humor in everything, even painful past experiences, and does not let those experiences hold her back. Instead she turns them into strengths.

My main takeaways from the Queen of Air are to not be too critical of others (even when you know you are right!) and find the lessons, and even humor, in past situations that have caused you pain or stretched you out of your comfort zone. Also – be like the Queen and continue to remove people and situations from your life that are creating drama – because no one needs a Drama Llama in their life!

Hope everyone has a great day!

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