Card of the Day

Card of the Day – Renewal

Today’s card is having us to continue our review of things in our past as we turn our attention to a new direction. Archangel Jeremiel helps with life reviews so we can forgive ourselves & others so we do not carry the hurt or anger forward into the next phase of life. He can bring clarity around how best to move forward and give us the strength and “protection” we feel we may need to move forward on a new path.

On the card it says “In your heart, you know what to do”. After many of my readings my client will say “I knew this, but needed the validation from someone else”. I do this all the time when I get readings! That validation reassures us we are on the right path.

I would encourage you to think about what things you feel are holding you back from moving forward or letting go of the things in your past that you no longer need? Take an inventory and begin working through the list so you no longer have those burdens weighing you down so you have capacity to move forward with ease and grace!

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