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*Archangel of the Week – Archangel Michael *Card of the Week – Healing Chaos

Wow – the cards for this week are really telling us to shake it up! With the protection of Archangel Michael surrounding us we are able to either resolve the chaos in our lives – or if you feel life your life is stagnant you are being encouraged to shake things up in order to revitalize your life and get out of that rut! This card associates that chaos with profound healing that is going on whether you know it or not because under the scenes it is removing something from your life that you no longer need!

Whatever the situation is, Michael with his Sword of Light is here to help you see your life’s purpose and give you a safe space to cut the energetic cords to people, situations and emotions that no longer serve you.
Don’t know how to do that? Well, funny – I am teaching a workshop “Energy 101: Grounding, Cutting Cords and Raising Your Vibrations!” on Saturday June 5th on this very topic! Go visit for info and to sign up. And you can not afford the workshop please reach out to me via the email on my website and we will figure that out!

I love the last two sentences Denise Linn wrote about the Healing Chaos card: “Do the Unexpected. Mix life up a bit!”

Where in your life can you mix things up a bit so you are revitalized and recharged in a way that will inspire you to move ahead on your journey? Take some time this week to look at this, knowing that Archangel Michael, the ruler of the Angelic realm, is there to protect you along the way!
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