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Archangel of the Week – Archangel Raguel

Raguel is known as “The Friend of God”. He brings harmony & resolution to relationship or situations, He can help heal misunderstandings and bring comfort where there has been a stressful situation in a friendship or partnership and helps to resolve the conflict between people. I think it is important to share that this doesn’t necessarily mean you will remain friends, but he can remove the hurt you feel around the relationship so you can let that go and move forward with your life.

Raguel is also the great connector – meaning that he can bring new friendships and partnerships into your life. I like to think of him as having unlimited LinkedIn Contacts and by ASKING for help and being open, he will bring the perfect person or people into your life for friendship or business partnerships. Of course for that to happen you need to make sure that you have done the work to be ready to accept and support those relationships.

Raguel is associated with the Justice card, so make sure that you feel worthy and EQUAL when you go into these new relationships (friendship, business partner, romantic). Do not backtrack and accept behaviors or treatment that you know do not deserve – and be sure to treat the other person in the manner that you expect to be treated. There has to be balance and both of you benefit instead of it being one-sided.So as you go through your week think of people where you may have unresolved feelings with and how that might hold you back. Ask Raguel to help heal that hurt. Or if you are looking for new friends or someone to help with a project, ask Raguel to bring those people into your life!

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