Three of Water
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Card of the Day – Three of Water

The Three of Water indicates that it is time to celebrate! You may have heard some great news or a big life event is happening. It could also be news for someone in your family or close to you, reminding you to spend time (virtually if necessary) with people that you love as it will raise your spirits and bring some happiness into your day!When good things happen, make sure that you send out a “Thank you!” for that because being grateful continues to raise your vibrations, connecting you with that energy instead of the lower vibrations.

The Archangel associated with this card is Uriel – “The Light of God”. He is an angel of transformation and shines lights on epiphanies and solutions to situations, thus the celebration because you have already found the answers to that pesky situation you may have been dealing with. If you feel you are still in the struggle, ask Uriel to shine his light so you can have clarity and understanding of the solution because most likely you will soon “see” how to move forward and release that struggle. I say that because this card and Uriel are associated with “The Sun” card in the Major Arcana – which indicates that there are Sunny Days ahead!

I know that I am personally celebrating today as I feel so blessed by my friend and mentor Chip sharing my work with his followers, which has greatly expanded this community! I am also grateful for each and every one of you and hope that you can learn something from the cards I post!

If you feel comfortable – please share in the comments what you are celebrating today or are grateful for! And feel free to share if this post resonates with you!

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