New Beginnings
Card of the Day

Card of the Day – New Beginnings

Today’s card is from Kyle Gray’s Angel Prayers Oracle Cards! I usually only use the Archangel cards from this deck, but felt drawn to it this morning.

The card is reminding us that we alway have the chance for a New Beginning! It could be a new opportunity coming into your life which is always exciting! It could also be the chance to respond differently to a situation or possibly choosing not to respond or engage in the same way with that person who just rubs you the wrong way! In that situation, take this chance to let go of the drama of the past and see a new way forward! And be sure to stop and thank the Angels, God, Energy, whatever you call it for ushering in these things into your life!!

I love that people are sharing their comments on posts on Facebook and hope that you will let us know what new and exciting opportunity or beginning that you have in your life at the moment! Have a lovely day!!

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