Eight of Air
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Card of the Day – Eight of Air

The Eight of Air from Radleigh Valentine’s Angel Wisdom Tarot shows a woman who is blindfolded about to walk through a gate. There are ribbons falling away from her that may have been used to tie her up.

She is now free from the restrictions of the blindfold and ties and has made the first steps through the gate.

This card is telling you that while you may feel frustrated or stuck in a situation that you can make changes in your life to improve the situation, but YOU have to choose to do that.

Sometimes we feel it is easier to stay in a bad situation (job, friendship, relationship, project) than to gather the courage to speak up or gain the self-confidence to take action needed to “take the step through that gate” to make ourselves happy. In order to make a change in your life you have to be willing to see the situation with clarity (not how you want to see it), take back your personal power and take action, not just complain or gripe about the situation (which honestly is always easier than doing anything about it!).

The Archangel associate with this card is Chamuel who is the “Eyes of God”. He is known to bring clarity to situations and set you on the right path. Ask Chamuel to work with you to break down the walls you have built up around the situation so you can see the situation with a bit more clarity and know how to move forward towards joy and happiness. He can help you to ease anxiety to move past a situation that no longer is in your best interest, bring insight so you focus on the right path ahead, and release old beliefs and patterns so you can move forward.

I would recommend that as you go through your day you try to focus on Solutions instead of problems. Make the choice to take a different approach in a situation that may have been troubling you and see how that feels. But most of all, take back your power and take action instead of passively holding yourself back!

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